Melani Ismail is a conceptual visionary, who is consistently cultivating her artistic reach through her many business ventures in music, literature, film, and television operated under her Creative Services Management Company.
Melani is a producer, writer and artist. She has executive produced several musical and film projects through her own production company and is due to release her next film, StrawHouse in 2016. Melani also spent some time in front of the camera as a cast member on VH1’s Football Wives.
  Melani  wrote and published her first book in 2012, “The Freedom of Letting Go”, which debuted in 2 categories, at #19 and #55 on the book charts and won “The 2012 Henri Award” for Best Inspirational Memoir. The inspirational memoir presents life lessons and informational tools to help readers recognize fear, learn how to overcome it, and walk in faith, while taking them on a real time journey of self discovery. She regularly speaks on the subject as it relates to business and personal development.
 Using her natural ability to connect others, Melani also has experience in developing new media marketing strategies, as well as successfully executing digital media campaigns for high profile clients. By helping her clients connect their brands with like minded sponsors, Melani has been able to help individuals and companies reach beyond their self imposed limits. If it is in the creative realm, chances are, Melani has tried it, done it, and/or is currently working on it.
 If Melani’s plate isn’t already complete with speaking engagements, film projects, and consulting artists, she is also mastering the job of fulltime wife and mother. Melani Ismail is a renaissance woman in her own right, in addition to her many accomplishments, she is the wife of retired National Football League (NFL) player and Notre Dame standout, Raghib “Rocket” Ismail. They are the proud parents of four amazing children.
 “Of everything I put my hand to do, my faith and my family takes priority.”
Melani Ismail

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