The Freedom of Letting Go

Overcoming Fear and Apprehending Faith



The Freedom of Letting Go is a self help resource that presents as a memoir. Melani Ismail uses fun metaphors and a mix of humor to talk about some very serious issues including fear, divorce, bullying, and even tragedy. She then presents them as life lessons and information tools.Her goal is to help the readers recognize fear, learn how to overcome it, and walk in faith, while taking them on a real time journey of self discovery. 


*Charted at #19 Self Help on itunes charts first week May 2012
*Charted at #55 Health, Mind and Body
*The Henri Award Winner – Most Inspirational 2012


“Melani has written a thoughtful, insightful short book describing her journey to overcome lifelong, real, but ordinary fears and irrationalities that hampered her ability to realize the happiness and success she so richly deserves. Her faith is her constant and has helped her every step along the way. She wisely warns us not to fear failure but to accept its normality in our lives and try to overcome the fears that accompany it. While not over-proselytizing, she advocates more reliance on the simple principles embedded in a solid faith in God. Melani, you have enriched us all with your book.”
~ Janet Hill
Mom/Advisor to Grant Hill
Duke University Board of Trustees
Hill Family Advisors
“As we navigate along this journey we call life, we all have the face the fear giant at some point. Melani addresses this formidable foe with revealing candor, sound Biblical doctrine, love and faith in action. Beautifully woven, it is engaging, real, inspiring, and thoughtful and makes the reader want to turn the page. This book will tug at your heartstrings and encourage you at your core to press on through your fears or whatever obstacles you face. Read it …it will bless your heart!”
~ Evelyn Henry Miller
Former EVP The Dallas Morning News; Current CFO, imc2
Voted one of top CFO in Dallas


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