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The Glamorous A&R

Why big business needs to get back to the basics…

There used to be a job at every good record label called an A&R. In a nutshell, the purpose of this job, was to find the talent, develop it, and surround it with who and whatever it took to make a hit record and a big star. Well, those jobs are all but extinct now, and from my vantage point the music industry made a mistake. A&R’s are like prophets. They can see into the future what is not visible to most in the present.

Big business needs more prophets.

Because my characters are limited in this post, I’m going to cut to the chase…in a digital age where content seems to travel at the speed of light, it is more important now than ever, to have people whose gift is the ability to pick the “hit record”. People who can sift through the mounds of “content”, and locate the gold. So many companies are looking for the gold in algorithms and analytics reports, that they have lost touch with that which can only be seen and felt by instinct. So to all you companies who provide products, content, services, etc, …dont forget to hire “the prophets”. Your investors will thank you for the other profits and customers will thank you for not wasting their time and providing them with the best the first time around.

Melani Ismail 1/18/18

The Artist Whisperer

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